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to our 2017


Empowered through


Count on us for all the supplies you need

to operate your business efficiently. From

office to breakroom and beyond, we offer

a range of furniture, multipurpose paper, IT,

jan/san, green supplies, and much more.

As a member of Independent Stationers, a

powerful office products buying cooperative,

we are proud to provide an outstanding

selection of nationally recognized brand

names at competitive prices.

Committed to


As a local independent business, we are committed to helping

our community prosper. Join us in building and strengthening

relationships, promoting diversity, and preserving unique local

character by choosing to buy local. Research indicates buying

local rather than at national big-box stores brings additional

money into the local economy, and that means more people

within the community benefit.

We take pride in sharing our expertise, providing personalized

service, and reinvesting in our community. You are more than

a customer, you are a neighbor—and we value you, your

business, and the vitality of our community.

Dedicated to


Since 1983, the National Business Products Industry has supported

City of Hope in its life-saving mission. Through golf outings, raffles, and

other events, industry leaders, including independent dealers, buying

groups, wholesalers, manufacturers, and sales reps, work together in raising

awareness, donations, and hope. Together we have raised over $140

million! We encourage you to join us in recognizing this vital cause. 

By patronizing local businesses, you are

supporting your community and contributing

to a healthy, sustainable world.

We are empowered through our collaborative network of

nationwide dealers and state-of-the-art eCommerce platform to

give you world-class service while our local presence helps sustain

and inspire our community to grow and thrive.